The Hocking Hills Festival of Poetry

Andres Rivera


The gritty backstreets of South Central Los Angeles is home to recording/performing artist, poet and mix-media artist, Andres Rivera. Under the nom de plume of RHIPS (restin' humbly in poetry & song), he is half of the Inner City Dwellers, an L.A. grown grassroots hip hop group. He performs his music at Universities, Colleges, Conferences and Open Mics. A breadth of experience in activism, youth development, and mixed media visual art, created a monster. Fueled by his talents, and driven by a keen hunger for social justice, Andres Rivera has cemented his dedication to 'shaking and moving' people in the direction of personal and cultural transformation, by any creative means necessary. He currently serves as Community Outreach Coordinator and Teaching Artist with Street Poets, Inc. and is working on a few projects. For more information about his music and other activities, visit www.myspace.com/rhipsone